The teachers of St. Mary’s are an amazing team. They are keepers of knowledge. Guardians of emotions. Selfless nurturers of the human spirit. Architects of confidence. Life rafts for when the going gets rough, as it invariably does. They are a source of trust, reliability and hope. Some days are filled with joyful triumph. Other days they struggle to push through. But our teachers love what they do; they have to. They keep on going because teaching is their gift — and those connections they make, those lessons they impart and their get-up-and-go attitude is what reminds our world of what’s good, what’s honest, and what’s important. This work is what’s needed in our world; teachers play such a crucial part of what brightens everyone’s outlook, and improves it day by day.

On this World Teacher’s Day, 2017 we thank the teachers of St. Mary’s. We thank them for their dedication, heart, expertise, and courage. They do one of the hardest and most important jobs in the world, directly impacting and inspiring thousands of lives over the course of their career. We thank them for caring about each and every student and for being a role model that anyone—no matter what age—can look up to.

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