The Om Project – Kids Activity

The Om Project – Kids Activity

The Om Project – Kids Activity

Colour your own Om symbol and keep it as a reminder of the mystery and magic of this secret and powerful sound.

The Om project is where you can explore the ancient mystery of the world’s most recognisable and practised sounds -om.

The history of the sound om and it’s particular symbol date back thousands of years. In cultures of India and Asia, the sound Om appeared in the minds of saints and mystics and they began performing it and teaching it to other people.¬†They used this sound to enhance creativity, happy thoughts and feelings and keep their bodies healthy.

You can practice it too, by sitting up straight closing your eyes take a calm breath in and as you breathe out to make the deep low sound om,(Auuooommmmm). Do each om until all the air has escaped your body and then take another calm breath and repeat the same thing at least three times. 


What You Need

  • Pencils
  • textas or coloured markers
Make My Collage – Kids Activity

Make My Collage – Kids Activity

Colour Me A Collage

Making a collage is so much fun to do and it is good for the mind, art stimulates your senses, emotions and your brain.


The art of collage began as early as 200bc around the time paper was invented in China. Collage means to glue, and most collage involves a range of textiles, paper, and textures cut and stuck together to make a picture.
In the early 20th century two very famous artists Pablo Picasso and George Braque began the practice of making collage as a way to explore abstract ideas on relative time and space. It was part of their very own art movement called Cubism.

Cubism looked at the how and why reality is the way it is and challenged the way in which we perceive it.
Collage is the hallmark of the abstract and modern art movement and was a feature of Picasso and Braques cubist works. Collage from the early 20th century explores symbolism, color, ideas on how the universe works and human perceptions.

By Emily Rack

Make My Collage

Enjoy making your very own Just Breathe Kids creative collage!
You can try the designs below or come up with your own creative and fun ideas.
Try adding in some paint strokes or using textas to make your design unique to you.

Attached are the examples of collage you can create.
In your kit you have everything you need to create your very own collage.
Just cut out the pictures and use the backgrounds and textures to make shapes and fun backdrops to your artwork.

What You Need

  • scissors
  • glue
  • colored paper
  • paint brush
  • acrylic paint
  • textas or colored markers
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