At St. Mary’s, Inquiry based learning is seen as more than just an “approach” to learning, but rather as a model which empowers students to learn independently through a process which mirrors real life thinking and learning. Within the context of comprehensive issue-based units of study, students are provided with opportunities to develop the skills of an autonomous, self-regulated learner. Thinking, risk-taking, self direction, independence, interdependence, inter/intra personal skills, technological skills, conceptual skills, artistic skills, experimentation, problem finding and solving, decision making, idea generation and idea action are effectively infused.
Some features of the Inquiry Process
– Students are actively supported by teachers to acquire relevant skills.
– Students are engaged in asking and following up on questions as a central skill.
– Students deepen or gain understanding of core concepts.
– Students may work collaboratively in small groups or learning teams.
– Students use and apply their learning, in the sharing of solutions, decisions, thinking and outcomes in a celebration of their understanding.
– Students access a range of information sources.
– Students learn about how to learn.
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