Welcome to St. Mary’s


Mr. Jason Micallef

What a joy and honour it is to be Principal of St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School. Newly appointed Principal in 2017, I have excitedly adopted the responsibility of leading this wonderful learning community into the next era of the school’s life.

As an integral part of the faith community of the Parish of Western Port and the wider community of the region of Hastings, the staff and I will ensure St. Mary’s continues to develop its role as a place of inclusivity, learning excellence and where relationships are valued and built upon. With that in mind, it is my intention to ensure that the education of your child is a partnership – a joint responsibility between the school and home. Families are a child’s first teacher and when they remain so, the power to learn at school is magnified dramatically.

Being a Catholic primary school, our purpose is always to give your child a foundation of faith, values, knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are necessary for living and working in a rapidly changing world that is characterised by economic, cultural and political diversity. To that end, we will strive to have a strong emphasis on students achieving a faith-filled education where intrinsic motivation is harnessed to drive real, purposeful learning. We strive to provide an environment which encourages your child to be a confident, independent learner who is excited about exploring their potential and has high social interest.

This is an exciting time in education. As we undertake a journey to arm ourselves with the knowledge of how the human brain learns, the awareness of the conditions required to optimise learning efficiency and the most powerful learning tools to have ever been available; we the educators of St. Mary’s undertake our mission,

“…to get students to do things they never thought they could do, to achieve higher than their aspirations, to exceed their potential.”*

*Prof. John Hattie